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How The Modi Government Can Pass the 'Delhi' Bill?

Modi government is expected to table a bill in the Parliament in place of the ordinance.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 July 2023 7:33 AM GMT
How The Modi Government Can Pass the Delhi Bill?

The Parliament sessions started on the 20th of this month. However, the sessions did not last at least one day. When the two houses are seeing a tense situation on the Manipur violence issue, the Modi government geared up to increase the political heat. It wants to table the Delhi bill in Lok Sabha which got into effect through ordinance. It is known that the Centre recently brought an ordinance to reduce the power of the Delhi government on employees.

As per the guidelines, the Modi government is expected to table a bill in the Parliament in place of the ordinance. The bill which would be tabled in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha later, is being opposed by the opposition parties. It is known that a no-confidence motion notice was given to the Speaker against the Modi government. It is said that the Modi govt wants to pass the Delhi bill first and bring the no-confidence motion later and adjourn the house.

The Delhi bill might have no issues in Lok Sabha. Because the majority of members are with the Modi government so there will be no issues. The main issue will be in Rajya Sabha as the Modi government doesn't have total strength in the house. While the strength of the house is 243, there are only 238 members in the house due to a few vacant seats.

It needs a strength of 120 members for this. BJP has a strength of 92 members in the house. The NDA alliance has a strength of 105 members. So it needs the support of 15 more Rajya Sabha members. Five among them are nominated members. The Modi government is thinking that two independent members would support it.

So it needs the support of eight more members to get the bill passed. BJP pinned high hopes on YCP's 9 members and BJD's 9 members. It is known that the YCP already announced its decision in favour of the Delhi bill. BJD is yet to announce its decision.

The Modi government is also hoping for the support of BSP, TDP, and JDS which have the support of just one member each. So we have to say that the Modi government has the strength to make the bill pass. Many say that 90-year-old Manmohan Singh might attend Rajya Sabha in a wheelchair due to the importance of the bill.