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Harish Rao's Advice To Address Auto Drivers' Problems!

It is no wonder in saying that the election promises played a key role in the Congress party's win in recent elections

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 Jan 2024 12:23 PM GMT
Harish Raos Advice To Address Auto Drivers Problems!

It is no wonder in saying that the election promises played a key role in the Congress party's win in recent elections. The six guarantees announced by the Congress helped it come to power in Telangana. After coming to power, the Congress party focused on implementing these guarantees.

On the lines of Karnataka, the Congress party is implementing free bus travel for women. Under the Mahalakshmi Scheme, women can travel for free across the state in selected services. After the scheme was announced RTC buses have been seeing big crowds.

While women in the state are enjoying the scheme with free travel, auto drivers are facing a negative impact of this. Their income was hit hard and they are seeing fewer passengers. The auto drivers are saying that they are unable to run the families and meet the expenses with no income.

They even held a few protests against the Mahalakshmi scheme. They are saying that the free travel to women in buses is impacting their livelihood and the government should look into their issues. The opposition parties in the state are also urging the government to address the issue.

Now former Finance Minister of Telangana Harish Rao made some crucial comments and came up with an idea to address this. The BRS leader said that auto drivers should be given Rs 15,000 every month to help them as they are facing issues.

While talking in favour of auto drivers, Harish Rao said that he is not against the scheme as it is a good scheme for women. However, it is equally important to address the issues faced by the auto drivers. For this, they should be given Rs 15,000 every month, he said.

Free travel for women is a good initiative. But it should not affect others. There are around 6 lakh auto drivers in the state and they are facing issues with the scheme. They should be given a lending hand and Rs 15,000 should be given, he said.