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Jagan Vs Chandrababu: Manifesto Game For The Elections!

Both the ruling YCP and opposition TDP are seeing the elections as do-or-die.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 April 2024 12:42 PM GMT
Jagan Vs Chandrababu: Manifesto Game For The Elections!

The political heat had gripped Andhra Pradesh. There is a big fight between the parties with the major parties eyeing the power. Both the ruling YCP and opposition TDP are seeing the elections as do-or-die. Jagan and Chandrababu are putting in their best efforts. Even the summer heat could not stop them from working hard.

In almost every aspect Jagan and Chandrababu are drawing strategies and counter strategies. They are sharpening their strategies. The two are showing no signs of taking a back step. Both parties have announced the candidates already. But we cannot rule out the chances of possible changes. It is said that the surveys are being done to improve the winning chances.

The crucial aspect of the elections is yet to come, which is announcing the manifesto. While the TDP would announce the manifesto in the name of the alliance, YSRCP will have a solo manifesto. At the Mahanadu held last year, Chandrababu Naidu announced six guarantees in the name of Super Six. Many felt that the manifesto might be released on the eve of Dasara. But he was in prison at that time.

Things changed rapidly. The alliance was formed and the BJP also became a part of it. With this, the three parties might announce a joint manifesto. It is said that the work is going on in preparing the manifesto and the TDP is reportedly playing a big brother role in this.

If we look at the ruling YSRCP, it was earlier reported that the party might announce the manifesto on the eve of Ugadi. But there was no such sign. What the observers say is that the YCP might have not announced the manifesto yet to see what the TDP has to offer. After looking at TDP’s manifesto the YCP might come up with the manifesto.

On the other hand, it is said that TDP also wants YCP to announce the manifesto so that it can make its manifesto better. By offering more and touching on the issues that YCP did not, TDP might want to add a new touch to the manifesto. It is expected that both YCP and TDP might mention schemes like social pension, loan waiver for farmers, and loan waiver for DWCRA women.

If the YCP promises loan waivers for farmers, the TDP not only promises the same but it might also announce investment assistance to farmers which makes the promise even more powerful. If TDP promises social pension upto Rs 4,000, then Jagan might announce Rs 5,000 under the scheme.

It is said that the two parties are having a competition on this. They are reportedly waiting for the other side to announce the manifesto so that they can make changes to their manifesto and get good marks from the public. They want to announce the manifesto by giving a finishing touch after looking at the opponent's manifesto.

With this, it has become tough to predict who will release the manifesto first. If the YCP announces the manifesto then Chandrababu might announce additional promises in the manifesto. The same goes for Jagan. With the competition on this, we are not seeing the manifestos. We have to wait and see to get the answer of which party announces the manifesto first.