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Loan App Atrocities: Young Lad Takes Extreme Step!

loan lending apps are posing a big threat to society

By:  Abhi   |   14 July 2023 7:03 AM GMT
Loan App Atrocities: Young Lad Takes Extreme Step!

The loan lending apps are posing a big threat to society. People who take many from the apps will start facing issues if they fail to give back the money. The harassment will reach a point where victims will take the extreme step. We have seen the instances many times.

It appears that there is no relief from such apps. Yet again, a life was claimed for the harassment. In an unfortunate turn of events,a 22-year-old Engineering student took the extreme step, unable to bear the harassment from the agents of the money lending apps.

Going into details 22-year-old Tejas is an Engineering student who is studying at the Nitte Meenakshi College in Bengaluru. However, he could not clear the dues due to various reasons. With this he started facing issues.

The loan agents reportedly started harassing him saying that the personal pics he has in his mobile would be made public. Tejas' father told the agents that he would pay the money in installments and sought some time for this. But in vain. The loan agents did not leave Tejas and started harassing him.

Having fed up with this, Tejas took the extreme step and ended his life. The incident is another eye opener on how big the threat is. In his alleged suicide note, Tejas said that he is unable to bear the harassment and he took the extreme step.

This is not the first time we are hearing such incidents. We have seen this many times in the country earlier. The issue even reached the High Courts and Supreme Court. Advocates also took the issue seriously and fought this. But the issue is yet to be sorted out.