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End Of An Era: Manmohan Singh's Tenure Ends!

We are talking about Manmohan Singh here. He served as the Finance Minister and Prime Minister

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Feb 2024 2:26 PM GMT
End Of An Era: Manmohan Singhs Tenure Ends!

A dream legacy in Politics that lasted for a few decades. During his stint as Finance Minister and Prime Minister, he brought many revolutionary decisions and helped the country. His work as a Prime Minister was such that even the leaders of the opposition parties lauded his work.

We are talking about Manmohan Singh here. He served as the Finance Minister and Prime Minister. In both positions, he excelled and achieved great heights. The reforms he brought as Finance Minister were phenomenal. He lifted the gates for economic growth.

He paved the way for foreign investments and industrial growth was given a big importance. In 1991 India was dealing with a big crisis and the reforms he brought made the industrial sector blossom in the country. Many companies showed interest in coming to the country.

He took the country away from the license raj regime. With this, things became easy for the industries to work here. In return, the country saw a big growth and came out of the crisis.

His tenure as Prime Minister was also magical for the country. The Economic policy he brought into the country created the path in development. With big success in economic growth, the Indian market blossomed.

Experts say that the work he did as the Finance Minister and Prime Minister created the way for the enjoyable situation the country is enjoying right now.

Very rarely we see politicians excelling the way Manmohan Singh did. This is the reason why many say many politicians might come and go but there will be no one like Manmohan Singh. As the end of an era, Manmohan Singh’s tenure as MP was over. Given his age, he will not be in active elections.