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No Confidence Motion: Modi Took It Lightly?

Modi government took the issue lightly or whether it will come with a strong answer by taking it seriously.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 July 2023 7:29 PM GMT
No Confidence Motion: Modi Took It Lightly?

The opposition parties used their best weapon against the Modi government which is the no confidence motion. This is what the opposition parties do against any government. Opposition parties tabling the no confidence motion is an issue to the ruling party. There are two issues here.

No confidence motion is like morally targeting the ruling party. It is also a strategy to attract the public focus. There is a big chance of troubling the party by tabling the no confidence if there is no big difference between the seats of the ruling and opposition parties. There is a chance for leaders to shift their loyalties.

The no confidence motion brought by the opposition parties will not trouble the Modi government. The NDA alliance has a strength of 332 members in the Parliament. The newly formed INDIA alliance has 142 members. There are 62 MPs who are not with any party. Even if they all come together there will be no issues for the Modi government.

This says there will be no issues to the government. But the motion is aimed at targeting the Modi government. It's like demoralising the government. There is a strategy of shifting the public focus on them. To achieve both the opposition is tabling the motion. But it is crucial here to see how Modi will react to this.

It is said that Modi is taking the matter lightly. A no confidence motion was tabled against the Modi government in 2018. At that time he said that the same opposition will table the no confidence motion in 2023. The intention behind this is to say that the opposition parties will throw mud on the government to become highlight ahead of the elections. We have to say that Modi predicted this earlier. He also highlighted the hollowness of the no confidence motion of the opposition in 2018.

Observers say that we have to understand that back in 2018, Narendra Modi predicted that this will happen in 2023 as there is no serious agenda behind the opposition parties.

A date will be issued to discuss the no confidence motion. Every party will be given a chance to speak. In the end, the Prime Minister will respond. The PM will have a big chance. Back in 2018, Modi spoke on this for over two hours and ripped the opposition. There is also a debate on whether the opposition gave that chance to Modi.

At the same time, if we look at the political benefit of the opposition with this. They can expose the Modi government on the Manipur issue in front of the country men. The Manipur issue is a sensitive matter. A big debate is going on among the people in that. The Modi government might say there is no terror fear in its ruling. It might also take the credit for smoothly solving the Kashmir issue.

But the Manipur issue will trouble the BJP. Looking at the inhuman incidents in the state getting international response, the opposition gave no confidence motion. Members of all the parties will corner the Modi government on the Manipur issue.

We have to wait and see what response the Modi government will give to this. The Modi government might defeat the motion, but what answer it will give if targeted morally is a question here. We have to wait and see whether the Modi government took the issue lightly or whether it will come with a strong answer by taking it seriously.