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Rare Achievement: YouTuber Gets 300 Million Subscribers!

The rise of YouTube can be seen as a game changer for opening doors of opportunities

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 July 2024 12:34 PM GMT
Rare Achievement: YouTuber Gets 300 Million Subscribers!

The rise of YouTube can be seen as a game changer for opening doors of opportunities. People are using YouTube as a platform to showcase their talent. There are many YouTubers or YouTube channels in the world but this YouTuber is built differently. He even surpassed a popular media house recently. Now he added another feather to his cap by becoming the only YouTuber to do so.

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is a popular name among YouTuber audiences. What makes him special from others is that he always pushes the limits when it comes to investing in quality and helping others in the name of giveaways.

The YouTuber reached a new high with 300 million subscribers. This is the first time a YouTuber has recorded such numbers. He had an inspirational journey to do so. In just 11 years he changed the game.

Earlier he had just 300 subscribers and he was worried about this. Cut to 2024 he has 300 million subscribers making him the first one to do so. He shared the big news on social media.

His giveaways are quite popular and help others. Recently he gave away 100 houses to the needy. This is not the first time he has done such a thing. His philanthropy work is a major reason behind people following him and supporting him.

The list of Philanthropy work he does goes on like helping the strays, providing houses to the needy, and building wells and others. He helped 1000 blind to see for the first time. He has multiple channels and there are dedicated channels for Philonptraphy, games, and others.

His followers were happy with his rare achievement and congratulated him. They are saying that his passion and hard work paid off. People started talking about him in India as well when he went past the T-series in subscribers count. Now he made the whole world talk about him with his big achievement.