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Is The TDP Alliance Over Confident?

Repeating the 2014 scenes the three parties came together after a decade in 2024.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 March 2024 9:17 AM GMT
Is The TDP Alliance Over Confident?

The Telugu Desam Party hit the bull’s eye as far as the alliance is concerned. It had managed to bring Janasena and the BJP together. TDP received the most number of seats be it in MLA segments or MP segments. This can be seen as a big win for the party which is desperate for the election win.

Repeating the 2014 scenes the three parties came together after a decade in 2024. The alliance is confident that they might be successful as they did earlier and come to power. BJP is in power at the Centre and is touted to record another big win.

However many doubt whether the TDP alliance is overconfident and taking things lightly. Despite the BJP which is seen as a favourite in Lok Sabha elections being a part of the alliance many doubt whether the alliance is overconfident.

A few surveys are in favour of TDP and the alliance is confident that the votes will get transferred and they will come to power. Many say that the BJP’s graph also increased in the state slightly and this might also work for the alliance.

Are these aspects enough for the alliance to win? Well, we cannot say yes confidently as many factors play a key role in the election result. On the other hand, YCP is very strong in the state.

Many say that the main reason BJP was made a part of the alliance was that it would stop YCP from doing poll management which is a key aspect. But there is no assurance on how far the BJP might be successful in this.

The Kapu community has a lot of significance. Understanding this the alliance strongly believes that the votes from the community would transfer to the alliance. However, the experts say that this might not happen as easily as the alliance thinks.

The reality is that Andhra Pradesh is not the only state where elections are held and the BJP is seeing this as one of the casual states is what the experts say. As the party is not that strong in the state there is no guarantee on the impact BJP would have. Let us wait and see.