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Noted Cartoonist's Classic Representation Of Eenadu!

Since this morning, condolence messages have been pouring in for Ramojii Rao

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Jun 2024 2:54 PM GMT
Noted Cartoonists Classic Representation Of Eenadu!

Since this morning, condolence messages have been pouring in for Ramojii Rao. Ever since the news of his demise came out people have been paying their tributes. From common people to politicians to celebrities they are mourning his death and offering their condolences to his family members.

Out of all the tributes we have seen one is getting all the attention as it was from a noted Cartoonist who had a long-standing relationship with Eenadu. The cartoon is being shared on social media by one and all.

Cartoonist Sridhar is a name that is popular among Telugu readers. His association with Eenadu was such that no other Cartoons were used in the paper except for his ideas. For a few decades, this was the case.

In what could be a kind of retirement Sridhar took a break from his work and he is enjoying time with his family now. Knowing that Ramoji Rao is no more, Sridhar decided to give a big tribute to his former boss Ramoji Rao.

The Cartoon is a classic example of the saying that one picture is equal to thousands of words. The cartoon projects that Eenadu is the trust and strength of common people who walk freely.

The cartoon also projects a politician walking with a bunch of cops as security while it also tells Eenadu is the security of common people.

Sridhar also shared an old pic of him and Ramoji Rao. As the picture is an old one it might be from his earlier days in Eenadu paper. More than the pic, the cartoon is getting all the attention.