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Revenge Had Not Started Yet: Revanth Reddy's Hot Comments!

Firebrand leader Revanth Reddy is basking high on the performance in the recent elections

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 April 2024 10:09 AM GMT
Revenge Had Not Started Yet: Revanth Reddys Hot Comments!

Firebrand leader Revanth Reddy is basking high on the performance in the recent elections. The grand old Congress which was in power in the combined state in 2014 when the state was bifurcated had to wait ten years to come to power. Revanth Reddy pulled off a big win. Congress party’s position changed at once and the leaders from BRS are joining at a very fast pace.

Revanth Reddy appeared on national television which is the first appearance probably after coming to power. The popular Hindi show Aap ki Adalat will see Revanth Reddy as the guest and the new episode will be released tomorrow. The promo was released which grabbed everyone’s attention.

In the promo, the host asked Revanth Reddy if he is taking revenge on BRS as the government arrested him earlier. To this, he said that he did not start revenge yet. He gave a fierce response to this.

Revanth Reddy was also asked that people are saying he is talking as Tiger is on rest and once it comes out then see what happens. While there is no clarity on whom the host was referring to, the response Revanth Reddy gave was not to be missed.

He said that he is ready with a gun and the job would be done with just one bullet. Having said that Revanth Reddy observed he will not kill dogs or cats but kill the Tiger directly.

Looking at the political developments, many say that Congress is doing what BRS did to it earlier. In two terms Congress leaders joined the BRS and the defected leaders were given positions too.

Cut to now things have changed. The BRS leaders are accusing the Congress of taking its MLAs and they are also demanding the disqualification of the defected leaders. There is a doubt in many on whether Congress wants to make the BRS empty.

Amid this, the promo was released with Revanth Reddy saying he had not started taking revenge on BRS yet. The full episode will be released tomorrow and people are eagerly waiting for the episode to be released.