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Senior Pawar’s Power Game: Interesting Comments!

Sharad Pawar's brother's son Ajit Pawar held a few portfolios including the Deputy Chief Minister

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   14 Aug 2023 9:18 AM GMT
Senior Pawar’s Power Game: Interesting Comments!

Maharashtra is known for its hot politics. Moreover, Sharad Pawar is a veteran politician. It is easy to become the Chief Minister of the largest state for just 38 years? It is not easy to lock horns with the Congress party and floating a party and enjoying power is not an easy task. Sharad Pawar has a specialty that no other leader has in the country. We can understand his prominence as he can impact national politics even at the age of 82.

NCP party was floated in 1999 and it was in power in Maharashtra till 2014. During this, Sharad Pawar's brother's son Ajit Pawar held a few portfolios including the Deputy Chief Minister. Between 2004-14, Sharad Pawar was the Union Minister. He was part of the Maha Vikas Aghadi which was in power between 2019-22. Ajit Pawar lost power after the Maha Vikas Aghadi government lost power. He could not take this and parted ways with his uncle and joined the BJP.

He is continuing as the Deputy Chief Minister. While Sharad Pawar was busy with the INDIA alliance efforts, Ajit backstabbed him. But a few reports say that Ajit joined the BJP with the blessings of Sharad. Later, rebel MLAs met Sharad and sought his blessings. The whole thing went on like a drama. It appears that Sharad Pawar is with the INDIA. But there are a few doubts about this.

Continuous Meetings

Usually, when the leaders backstab the chief of the party, then they don't have any ties with the party. But the situation is different in Maharashtra. Ajit Pawar who told his uncle Sharad Pawar to set aside as he is old, had met him a few times along with his supporters. When everyone is breaking their shells on what's the reason behind this, Sharad Pawar made some key comments. “A few well-wishers tried to make me accept the proposal to join the BJP. But there is no chance of this,” he said.

All this started when Ajit met Sharad again. But Sharad Pawar asked what was wrong with this as Ajit is his brother's son. If a senior person in a family wants to meet another family member, then there should be no issues, he said. However, he said that some of the NCP leaders joined hands with the BJP, but there is no change in their stand. BJP and NCP have different political ideologies, he said.

Ahead Of INDIA Alliance Meeting..

The opposition parties' alliance INDIA met for key meetings in Patna and Bengaluru. The name INDIA was fixed at the Bengaluru meeting. The next meeting is in Mumbai at the end of this month. It is said that Pawar is trying to push the alliance into a corner. Media reports say that NCP Maharashtra Chief Jayant Patil would join the NDA and this might be part of the efforts.