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This Is Just Ideological Opposition: Sharmila On Jagan!

PCC Chief Sharmila is busy with her district-wide tour in the state to hold the Rachhabanda

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Feb 2024 12:07 PM GMT
This Is Just Ideological Opposition: Sharmila On Jagan!

YS Sharmila entered Telangana politics with a lot of expectations. She toured the state as part of her Padayatra and made some big claims of coming to power. However, her stint in Telangana politics was short-lived. She merged her party into the Congress party and she was made the PCC chief.

In an unexpected outcome, Sharmila became the target of the ruling YSRCP as she has been targeting the Chief Minister and the party. She is not taking any back step from targeting her sibling politically. No one would have predicted that they would see such scenes.

Siblings being associated with different parties is very rare in Telugu politics. Making their case even more special, Jagan and Sharmila became political opponents. While Sharmila is targeting Jagan, his party leaders are giving strong counters. YSR supporters and followers are a bit confused with the ongoing situation.

PCC Chief Sharmila is busy with her district-wide tour in the state to hold the Rachhabanda. As part of the same, she is touring Narsipatnam currently. Addressing the gathering, the PCC chief made some crucial comments on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Sharmila spoke about the fight with her brother Jagan and said that it is just an ideological fight. She said that she has no hatred towards Jagananna as he is her blood and the fight is just an ideological one.

"I have no hatred towards Jagnanna Garu. He is my blood. But this is just an ideological opposition. We are questioning if you have no responsibility for helping the people who voted for you. Agriculture was very important for YSR. When they are saying they are working to achieve his ambitions, then why Jagananna is ignoring farmers," Sharmila asked.

I am asking what respect you are giving to farmers when there is no guarantee of an appropriate price for the crops they grow. In Jala Yagnam agriculture was given great importance. In Jala Yagnam YSR Garu took up many projects. He started 54 projects and finished 12 of them. Earlier Jagananna said that he will complete all the projects started by YSR. But none of the projects were touched. In this village also the foundation was laid for interconnecting the rivers. But they were ignored. I am asking how you can call yourself someone who stands by YSR’s ambitions, she asked.