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Survey Predicts Congress Dominance in Lok Sabha Polls In TS!

The Congress party is in full josh in Telangana as it came to power after a long time

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 March 2024 7:29 AM GMT
Survey Predicts Congress Dominance in Lok Sabha Polls In TS!

The Congress party is in full josh in Telangana as it came to power after a long time. In the recent elections, the party emerged victorious with collective efforts. Firebrand leader Revanth Reddy put in the best efforts and he was made the Chief Minister, making him the second Chief Minister of the divided state.

Having won the general elections, Congress is all set to brace for the Lok Sabha elections. In most cases, the ruling party will have an advantage as the voters will get to see what the government did and is doing. Now the same aspect is said to be working for the Congress party.

Ahead of the elections, a survey was conducted and the outcome was quite encouraging for the ruling Congress. The survey predicted that Congress would put up an encouraging performance in Telangana by winning the most number of seats. Telangana has 17 Lok Sabha.

Out of the 17 seats, Congress would win as many as 9 seats. Compared to the last elections the number is big as Congress was restricted to just 3 seats. Now the winning seats would be increased by three folds.

One is that the Congress party is in power. The second thing is that the party; 's graph increased massively in the public as it is implementing the guarantees it made in a phased manner. Four schemes have been launched already. Congress started the implementation of the schemes with free bus travel for women in RTC buses.

Recently free electricity below 200 units and domestic cylinders at Rs 500 per unit were implemented. Election promises played a key role in Congress coming to power and the government has been implementing them. These schemes would help the Congress in winning the Lok Sabha seats. As per the India TV-CNX Opinion Poll Congress would win nine seats.

Talking about the performance of other parties, the BJP might win as many as five seats including Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar, Nizamabad, and Secunderabad constituencies. BJP would win one more seat than the previous elections.

However, the survey predicted a disastrous performance of the opposition BRS as it would win just two seats, a decline of 7 seats compared to the last elections. The AIMIM will stick to its Hyderabad seat. The survey predicts a growth in the performance of Congress and BJP while things are not going well with BRS.

It has to be mentioned here that recently political strategist Prashant Kishor said that he would be worried had he been a BRS leader as BJP’s growth is not a good sign for the party. Now the survey predicted a sensational outcome.