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The Most Popular Apps of 2022: What Everyone's Downloading

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 Nov 2023 4:23 AM GMT
The Most Popular Apps of 2022: What Everyones Downloading

The rise of smartphones has transformed the way we live, and our increasing reliance on apps is evident. Every year, the use of apps surges, with certain apps becoming more popular than others, and this is not up for debate. The global pandemic further accelerated the trend, influencing how we download and use apps. In this digital era, certain apps have risen to prominence, captivating millions of users worldwide. Let's delve into the app ecosystem and explore the most downloaded apps in various categories in 2022.

TikTok Rules:

Even though India banned TikTok in 2020, it became the most downloaded app in 2022. Can you believe 672 million people worldwide got TikTok on their phones? It's crazy! And guess what? TikTok makes more than $9.4 billion every year.

Social Media Stars:

After TikTok, Instagram snagged second place with 547 million downloads. Facebook, our all-time favorite, came in third with 449 million downloads. Then there's WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger rounding up the top six. People love staying connected!

Fun and Games:

If you're into games, 'Subway Surfers' was the big winner, getting downloaded by 304 million gamers. 'Candy Crush' is still a hit too, with 138 million fans.

Online Shopping Spree:

When it comes to shopping, 'Shein' was the boss, with 229 million people getting it. Meesho surprised everyone by coming in second with 210 million downloads.

Money Matters:

For handling money, PhonePe took the lead with 94 million downloads. Google Pay and Paytm followed with 69 million and 60 million downloads, respectively.

Other Cool Apps:

In different categories, some apps stood out too. McDonald's app got 127 million downloads for food, Spotify led the music category with 238 million downloads, Google Maps was the travel champ with 113 million downloads, Sweatcoin was popular for health with 52 million downloads, and Duolingo ruled the education app category with 98 million downloads.

2022 showed us that people love all kinds of apps, from fun and games to staying connected, shopping, and managing money. Our phones are like a treasure chest full of cool stuff, and who knows what awesome apps will come next!