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Top Ten Nations That Are High On Natural Resources!

Now let us talk about the top ten nations that are rich in Natural resources. Based on the amount of natural resources, the countries are ranked.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   30 Oct 2023 11:30 PM GMT
Top Ten Nations That Are High On Natural Resources!

Natural Resources are nature's gift to the concerned region. The countries that have Natural Resources will have an advantage over other nations and they will have more chances to develop fast. Not only that Natural resources have a vital role in boosting the economy of the country. This is the value the natural sources bring.

Now let us talk about the top ten nations that are rich in Natural resources. Based on the amount of natural resources, the countries are ranked. Let us have a look at the countries and know their ranks.

10) Venezuela: Venezuela in South America is valued at $14.3 trillion for its resources. The country is rich in natural resources like iron, gas, and oil. In 2019 the country stood in fourth place in terms of oil production in an organisation called OPEC. By 2022, the country had the most oil saved up in the world. Venezuela is also high on gold, gas, water power, and diamonds.

9) Iraq: Oil is the main natural source and the worth of it is valued at $15.9 trillion. When we talked about the global oil stockers, the nation stands in fifth place. Oil plays a vital role in the growth of Iraq. To give an example of the amount of oil present, there are 145 billion unused barrels of oil.

8) Australia: The Kangaroo Nation is also high on natural resources that are worth $19.9 trillion.Talking about the natural resources the nation has there are coal, iron, and gold. Australia also has a vast cow population and wheat is grown there largely. The nation has unused barrels of oil in big numbers.

7) Brazil: The South American nation is known for its gas worth around $21.8 trillion. It is among the biggest oil makers in the world. Brazil has a vast green cover that spreads across a significant percentage of land. The land cover is such that a big percentage of cattle can graze on it.

6) China: India's neighbor is in sixth place on the list and the worth of the natural resources is around $23 trillion. The natural resources the nation has are coal and rare metals that give it an edge. Farming and water power are also key aspects that play a big role. Products like rice, oil, gas, gold, aluminum, and others are quite famous.

5) Iran: The Middle East nation has natural resources to the point that they are worth around $27.3 trillion. The nation was ranked fifth in terms of oil producers by 2020. The resources the nation has are a blessing for the people who live there.

4) Canada: Canada stands at the fourth place on the list. The nation is blessed with unmatched sceneries. The main resource of Canada is oil and it is one of the biggest global names.

3) Saudi Arabia: The Middle East nation is blessed with natural resources that are close to worth $34.4 trillion. Everyone knows that oil is the biggest natural resource. For the last few decades, oil has been striking gold in the global market for the nation.

2) United States: With natural resources worth $45 trillion they play a key role in the growth of the economy. Trees and coal are the major players for the nation and no one can deny that no other nation competes with the US when it comes to coal production. Having said that the farmlands cannot be ignored.

1) Russia: The superpower nation which is the largest country in the world in terms of area is also rich in natural resources and it stands at the top. Coal, oil, gas, gold, and a few rare metals are rich in Russia which helps the nation generate a big amount of revenue. The resources are worth $75 trillion.