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Attention:US Embassy Changes Student Visa Application Process!

However, there is a negative side to this as the visa appointment system is abused by a few.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 Nov 2023 5:48 AM GMT
Attention:US Embassy Changes Student Visa Application Process!

The United States is the dream destination for students for higher studies. While students go to other countries as well they are outside the reach of the craze United States has among the students. The waiting period for visa applications speaks volumes about the preferences students have.

However, there is a negative side to this as the visa appointment system is abused by a few. Seeing this, the US Embassy in India has come up with a solution to stop the abuse and wrong use of the system. A few changes were announced to the Student application process.

The Embassy said that a few changes were made to the student visa application process which will come into effect from the 27th of November. Students who apply for the F, M, and J student visas.

F1 Student Visa is given to students who want to do a bachelor’s and master's in the USA. Students should have over 18 study hours in a week to get a visa. J1 is a visitor visa given to students for short-term study abroad programs.M-1 Visas are Vocational visas that fall under the category of Non-Academic Student Visas.

Talking about the changes made by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, applicants should use their passport numbers while applying. While creating an account and applying for the visas applicants should use their data. Or else the applications will not be accepted.

This will be the procedure followed at all the Visa Application Centers (VAC). Those who don’t follow the changes will also lose the application fees besides seeing their applications suspended.

If the applicants have new passports in case of renewal or losing old platform the same should be informed while applying. To go forward with the application, they should submit a photocopy or other evidence of the old passport number.

“Any applicant who has created a profile or booked an appointment using an incorrect passport number should either create a new profile containing the correct passport information OR access any existing profile which contains the correct passport information in order to book an appointment. Note that this will require payment of a new visa fee receipt if the old receipt has been attached to a profile with incorrect passport information,” the US Embassy In India said in an official announcement.