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What Purpose Does Jayasudha Serve?

Not just Jayasudha, there will be no benefit for any party with any celebrity.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   3 Aug 2023 6:23 AM GMT
What Purpose Does Jayasudha Serve?

Film actress, former MLA Jayasudha joined the BJP. After she wore the saffron shawl, the debate of what's the use of Jayasudha to the BJP started. Not just Jayasudha, there will be no benefit for any party with any celebrity. They cannot do anything to the parties except for staying like a doll in the showcase. The votes the party gets from them would also be less. This was proven many times.

The issue with celebrities is that they think about them very much. They will be under the illusion that the party's image among people will increase due to them and they can also draw votes. They will feel bad if they don't get any preference. They cannot do any program on their own. The same is the case with Vijayashanti who is in BJP now. It is said that the seniors in the party doubt Vijayashanti might leave the party. That's why Jayasudha was taken into the party.

People voting for parties looking at the celebrities were gone. Jayasudha winning the Secunderabad Assembly seat in 2009 should be seen as late CM YSR's image power, not her capacity. While holding the position or after her tenure, she was not seen among the people. As celebrities will be busy shooting there will be a gap with the people.

There will also be issues in the party. Only appearing before the people at the time of elections will not do. For the same reason, celebrities will fail in parties. Jayasudha, who joined the BJP had joined TDP earlier from Congress. She even walked with the YCP. As no party encouraged her she joined various parties. Not just Jayasudha, the same will be the case with Mohan Babu, the Rajasekhar couple, and others. Let us wait and see if BJP gets any mileage with her joining.