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Why Indian Students Deported From the US?

Students going to the United States is not a new thing and the trend has been followed for a long time.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 Aug 2023 8:53 AM GMT
Why Indian Students Deported From the US?

Students going to the United States is not a new thing and the trend has been followed for a long time. Following the same, a few students went to America to pursue higher studies. But their American dream fell apart as the immigration authorities deported them back. Not less than 21 students were sent back.

After checking their documents and going through their email conversations and WhatsApp chats, they are said to have been sent back by the authorities. Students who landed at San Francisco, Atlanta, and Chicago airports were deported back to India.

The deported students alleged that they had all the required documents like college admissions, papers that confirm their bank balance, and the money they paid to Universities and colleges as fees. Despite all these documents, they were sent back. Looking at the whole episode, many doubt why they were deported.

As per the media reports, the immigration authorities are said to have asked a flood of questions. They were asked to show the WhatsApp chats and the bank balance in their accounts and their communication skills were also checked reportedly. Those who did not give the correct answers as mentioned in their embassy documents were set aside.

Going abroad for higher studies is not an easy task. The students need to pass some exams and they should have a certain balance in their accounts. While some students are rich enough to have a balance, some students get money and deposit it in their accounts to show to the authorities.

After a certain period, they withdraw the amount and return the amount from where they have taken the amount. We have seen such incidents earlier and students who indulged in this were deported back.

On the other hand, it is also said that the authorities have made the rules strict for foreign students to get part-time jobs. Earlier, there were no such rules, but they were reportedly brought to see that the locals won't get affected by the foreign students.

Fake colleges and universities might be another reason. Educational institutions should follow certain rules and regulations and abide by them and such institutions are recognised. On the other hand, there are a few fake Universities in the US. The fake Universities were busted in 2019.

Students might have enrolled in these fake universities and after going through the documents, the authorities might have deported them.