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Super Success For Jagan If He Passes Second-Term Test!

There will be a second-term threat in politics. Those who manage to pass it will see success.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Nov 2023 11:06 AM GMT
Super Success For Jagan If He Passes Second-Term Test!

There will be a second-term threat in politics. Those who manage to pass it will see success. Their success rate also increases with this. Passing the test will also give meaningfulness for the first success. Narendra Modi proved his ability by winning two consecutive Lok Sabha polls.

If we look at the Telugu states only NTR had managed to pass the test among the chiefs of the regional parties. NTR’s son-in-law Chandrababu Naidu who took over the party from him has been failing to pass the second term test.

Chandrababu took over NTR’s power he achieved in 1995. Chandrababu contested the 1999 polls and came to power. However, he lost the 2004 elections. In the process, he could miss the second term test.

Not only that, Chandrababu Naidu tasted two consecutive defeats in the combined state. TDP came to power in the divided AP in 2014. After the term, the party lost the 2019 elections failing to pass the second term test. In even his crucial juncture in politics, Chandrababu Naidu failed to pass the test.

Telangana was carved out of the combined state in 2014. KCR won the first election and repeated the same in the second election as well. He and his team are busy drawing strategies to win the third consecutive term. If KCR passes the test, then nothing can stop him. He will also emerge as the first CM in South India to win three consecutive elections.

Talking about AP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy became CM for the first time in 2019 and he is now gearing up for 2024 polls. He is going to face the second-term threat now. How he would pass the test is going to be one of the interesting aspects of the elections in 2024. We need to talk about YSR here. Though he is not the chief of a regional party, he led the Congress party in the combined states as a regional party chief.

Congress came to power in the combined state in 2004 under YS leadership. Congress won the 2009 elections as well. With this YSR established himself as a popular leader in Telugu politics on par with NTR. YCP leaders say that his son YS Jagan would achieve the rare feat easily.

They say that 70 to 80 percent of people want YCP to come to power again. To back their arguments, they list out the victories YCP had recorded in all the by-elections barring the MLC elections after the 2019 general elections.

With this, the YCP leaders are confident that the YCP will win the 2024 elections as well. YS Jagan who won 151 seats in the last elections wants to win all the 175 seats this time. Jagan is adamant about clean sweeping elections by winning all the seats.

A few more issues should be mentioned here. TDP and Janasena joined hands and the alliance is looking strong. Observers say that the alliance might have more winning chances. However, alliances might lead to bad outcomes. The YCP is saying that the party has a positive vote factor and not a negative vote factor. The party is saying that the positive vote bank is intact.

Looking at the horoscopes many spiritual experts said that Jagan’s horoscope is good and would win the 2024 polls as well. Some of them are even saying that there would be no space for the Ex-CM term for Jagan in his political journey. Kamma, Kapu, and Redy are the dominant communities in the state. We have to see which party the communities would support. Observers say that the one plus one two formula will not apply in politics. This might also be the reason behind YCP’s confidence.