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Who Are True Heirs of YSR?

YSR is the most popular Chief Minister from the Telugu land. He is the sole Chief Minister to pass away while holding the CM post

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 July 2024 10:12 AM GMT
Who Are True Heirs of YSR?

YSR is the most popular Chief Minister from the Telugu land. He is the sole Chief Minister to pass away while holding the CM post. He became CM twice and served as the CM for five and a quarter years only.

Despite a short time in the CMO YSR has a special place in the hearts of Telugu people with his praise-worthy governance. There was no debate on who would be his heir when he was alive. In his 60s YSR breathed his last even when he had full tenure.

By the time YSR died his son Jagan was an MP. YSR fans, Congress leaders, and supporters identified Jagan as YSR’s heir. Later Jagan floated YSRCP. With continuous victories since its inception, the party won the 2019 elections with 151 seats.

Even people saw Jagan as YSR’s heir. Everyone started comparing Jagan with YSR after his five-year tenure. Leaders who were fond of YSR went away from Jagan sighting difference. His own community which stood in support of YSR and Jagan also left him.

The same is the case with the cadre. Not happy with the decisions of the YCP leadership, Cadre went away. Due to various reasons, the YCP lost the elections in 2024. Though the YCP leaders said that Jagan implemented welfare schemes as his father did, there are a few allegations that Jagan failed to repeat YSR.

YSR was flexible with politics and he never had personal enmity with anyone. This aspect made him get close to everyone. His nature was such that he used to fondly wish his opponents. A few say that Jagan lacks this aspect. Jagan who got stubbornness from his father could not learn how to be gentle. The same factor is said to have resulted in his defeat despite winning 151 seats in the last elections.

On the other hand, YSR won twice as the CM and became a mass leader. Getting YSR’s legacy is following his principles and nature. Many say that Jagan would be the heir of YSR only if he followed them.

YSR’s daughter Sharmila is also fighting for his legacy. She has been saying that she has equal rights on this as his daughter. She contested as Kadapa MP and attracted only one and a half lakh votes. She is the head of the state Congress. However, the party did not grow in the state.

Except for the tag of YSR’s daughter, Sharmila has not shown her leadership tactics so far. She is the chief of the AP wing of Congress. The Congress party is like a big ocean and even YSR took 21 years to become the Chief Minister. Sharmila got the PCC chief post as she is YSR’s daughter. However, she has to show her potential.

Sharmila is in her early steps in politics. She has to travel a long distance to be the owner of a treasure called YSR’s legacy. She has to get along with everyone. It is said that there are a few leaders who don't like her position as PCC chief. She has to create her own image and then only people consider her.

As of now, Jagan is ahead in the battle for YSR’s political legacy. People and party supporters are not happy with him because he is not behaving like his father. He should change. On the other hand, Sharmila has to take a few steps to prove that she is better than her brother. People say that those who were inspired by YSR’s character would be his heirs.