Fri Nov 15 2019 GMT+0530 (IST)


'Action' Movie Review

Starring: Vishal, Tamannah, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Ramki, Kabir Duhan Singh

Director: Sundar C

Writer: Subha

Producers: Raveendran

Music Director: Hip Hop Tamizha

Cinematography:    Dudley

Editor: N. B. Srikanth

Actorrnrn Vishal is back onscreen again with 'Action'. Termed as a sleek action rnrnflick, it gained good buzz with its stylish trailers and posters. rnrnTamanna is the female lead and this Sundar C directorial has hit the rnrnscreens this 15th November. Let us get into the complete details.

Story :

Sonrnrn of state's Chief Minister, Subhash (Vishal) is an army officer and rnrnarrives home to spend time with his family. During this time, his rnfatherrn announces his elder brother as his political heir and while rnthey are rnarranging a big meeting, a tragic bomb blast takes place and rnkills many rnpeople including Subhash's would-be wife (Aishwarya rnLekshmi). The next rnday, his elder brother commits suicide by hanging rnhimself to the roof. rnDevastated by this, Subhash decides to find out rnthe people behind and rnhow far it takes him to seek revenge forms the rnrest of the story.

Analysis :

'Action'rnrn as the title suggests is filled with a lot of hard action sequences. rnrnThe film kicks-off with a massive chase out of nowhere and then goes rnrnback to the beginning of the plot. The major highlight of the film is rnrnits high-octane thrilling action scenes. Action lovers are in for a rngoodrn treat. The basic premise of the film looks interesting and it is rnrnnarrated with good flow throughout. What stands out the most is the 15rn rnminutes chase scene before the interval. It is superbly choreographedrn rnand well picturized by the team. The family emotions in the first rnhalf rnworked out well which lays a solid foundation for the rnprotagonist's rnmotive for the rest of the movie. The screenplay during rnthe first half rnis racy and director Sundar who made horror flicks likern 'Chandrakala', rn'Kalavathi' and comic caper like 'Maga Maharaju' rnearlier manages to comern up with a full-length action film with a rndecent budget.

Like rnmost big hero films, 'Action' too suffers rnfrom over-commercialization. rnDespite having a good plot and rninteresting screenplay, the director rntried to infuse comedy scenes rnwhich were completely unnecessary. It not rnonly spoiled the mood and rnflow of the film but also increased the rnruntime. Also, he dedicated rnthree songs for three heroines in this rnserious film which acted as rnhindrances to the proceedings. The logic rngoes for a toss at many rnplaces like hero crosses country borders with norn difficulty and he rneasily steals thousands of crores from a bank accountrn as if he is a rnprofessional hacker. The main villain character is rndesigned poorly andrn he doesn't show the menace but acts loudly instead. rnThe last 20 rnminutes of the film is a letdown is it seems to be inspired rnby films rnlike 'Baby' and recent spy thrillers and offers nothing new or rnrninteresting.

After a racy first half, the film turns slow in rnthe rnlatter part with its sluggish narration. Also, 150 minutes of rnruntime isrn excessive for an action flick and it should have been rntrimmed by at rnleast 15 minutes.

Performances :

Vishalrnrn is at his best doing action sequences like crushing the baddies or rnrnjumping from the roofs. He did not have any special scenes to showcasern rnhis acting prowess and he looked serious most of the time. Tamanna rndid rnher part of supporting the hero well and she appeared smoking hot rnin thern romantic song.
Aishwarya Lekshmi impresses in her brief role and Akanksha Puri is good as the assassin and looked very glamorous.

Kabirrnrn Singh fails to impress with his villainy act while Yogi Babu doesn't rnrntickle your funny bones. The rest of the cast included mostly the rnTamil rnactors and they were okay.

Technicians :

'Action'rnrn is quite good on the technical front. The cinematography is stunning rnasrn Dudley ably captured rich locations like London, Istanbul and rnothers. rnSongs from Hiphop Tamizha doesn't register but he elevates thern film withrn his background score. The artwork is fantastic while the CGrn appears a rnbit tacky as certain stunts look weird onscreen. On the rnwhole, they did arn good job considering the budget constraints. Editingrn could have been rnbetter as certain comedy and dragging scenes could rnhave been chopped rnoff. The production values from Vishal are grand.

Sundarrn C rncomes up with an interesting plot and a cent screenplay. His rndirection rntoo was impressive as he handled action and emotional rnsequences quite rnwell. Had he not stuffed lame comedy scenes for rncommercial purposes and rnhandled the second half in a better manner, rnthe film could have reached rnthe next level.

Bottom Line: Good 'Action' Flick But Nothing Great!

Rating: 2.25/5