Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam

Fri May 06 2022 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam

Movie : Ashika Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Rukshara Dhillon, Ritika Nayak, Kedar Shankar, Goparaju Ramana, Koteswar Rao, Vennela Kishore, Kadambari Kiran and others

Music: Jay Krish

Cinematography: Pavi K Pavan

Story - Screenplay - Dialogues: Ravi Kiran Kola

Producers: BVSN Prasad and Sudheer Eedara

Direction: Vidya Sagar Chinta

Young and rising hero VIshwak Sen has a good following among youth thanks to his movies which mainly catered to them. He is now arriving with 'Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam' which is completely different from the roles he did before. It is a complete family entertainer which is directed by Vidya Sagar Chinta. The trailer brought a good buzz on the movie and let us dive into the review straight away to find out more about it.


Allam Arjun Kumar (Vishwak Sen) is a loan lender in Suryapet. He is a common guy living a regular life. He is past his thirties and tries to get married but nothing worked till then. After a lot of attempts, his marriage gets fixed with a Godavari girl named Madhavi (Rukshar Dhillon). The entire family of Arjun goes to Madhavi's village on a bus for the engagement. After the engagement, their bus has some troubles on their way back and due to the entire lockdown at that time, Arjun along with his entire family are forced to stay in Madhavi's house. A lot of problems arise due to the living situation and how Arjun gets married by solving all the problems forms the rest of the story. Also, he faces a huge shock that cannot be revealed. Let us see how the film turned out.


Starting from the pure Telugu title to the entertaining promos, everything felt fresh in the movie. The movie has a positive and a feel-good vibe to it which pleases the viewers. Though the story of a Telangana guy and an Andhra girl getting married is not new, the magic in the screenplay makes the film stand out. Vishwak Sen is seen as a soft, shy, and timid guy for the first time in his career. He owned the character and impressed everyone with his acting skills. His role resembles the iconic Pellikaani Prasad role of Venkatesh and the makers made it smooth sailing with their able writing abilities. Not just the hero but the rest of the characters too make their mark. Most of the scenes are quite entertaining and with a lot of artists in the frame along with the Godavari district's backdrop, 'Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam' becomes a fun ride. But the proceedings slow down drastically which is a major minus for the movie. But if you are patient, this film makes for an interesting and entertaining watch.

As said before, the role of the hero is the biggest USP of this movie. Vishwak was synonymous with aggressive roles before but it is refreshing to see him trying something completely different. It takes time to get used to seeing him like that but we fall in love with the actor and character after a period of time. His portrayal of the character, the fear he shows whenever a small disturbance happens between the family members, his sadness when the heroine gives him shocking news and everything takes his character to another level. Vishwak will surely be praised for his acting skills and people start to root for his character.

The fun ride which moves at a decent pace till the end of first-half hits a roadblock that slows down everything in the latter half. The differences between families, differences in cultures, added pressure of lockdown and all other factors combine to give us a lot of entertainment in the first half. But the graph goes down in the second half. The scenes are good but the story goes nowhere which tests the patience of the audience for some time. The film turns dead slow by the time it reaches climax. There are a few good comedy scenes in the second half too and the second heroine thread has a good feel to it but the slow narration acts as a barrier that stops the film from being perfect. The film gives you a pleasant feeling after watching it and you can watch this family entertainer happily for once!


VIshwak Sen appears very different and new in this film. He changed his route completely for this film and moves away from his regular aggressive hero roles. He portrayed the role of a shy and timid guy impresses one and all. His acting during the emotional scenes will be remembered for a long time and the genius writing helped the film a lot too.

Rukshar Dhillon looked beautiful. She appeared as the main leading lady in the film but Ritika Nayak takes the front seat in the later stages. She and her character will be liked by the audience as the story goes on. Her looks and acting are quite good. Goparaju Ramana gets a meaty role after 'Middle Class Melodies'. He got highlighted a lot and Kedar Shankar and Koteswar Rao were apt for the heroine's father and hero’s father roles. The boy who acted as a photographer generated many laughs and Vennela Kishore did his bit in a special cameo.


The technicians gave the best output for this film. Jay Krish's music is quite impressive and has a feel-good vibe. The songs are quite hummable and the background score worked well in many scenes. Pavi K Pavan's cinematography is wonderful as the visuals look pleasing to the eye. The production values are near perfect and showrunner Ravi Kiran Kola who gave the story, screenplay and dialogues did a marvelous job. Despite picking a simple story, he mixed all the ingredients quite well and served a tasty dish to the audience. The dialogues worked pretty well too. Vidya Saga Chinta presented the film in a neat fashion. He did not falter at any moment but the narration should have been a bit quicker.

Verdict: Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam - A feel-good flick with minor loopholes.

Rating: 2.75/5