Bharat Ane Nenu

Fri Apr 20 2018 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bharat Ane Nenu

Movie Review: Bharat Ane Nenu

Rating: 3.25/5

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kiara Advani, Prakash Raj, Sarath Kumar, Devaraj, Ravi Shankar, Aamani, Sithara, Brahmaji, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Pruthvi, Rahul Ramakrishna and Others.

Devi Sri Prasad

Thiru - Ravi K Chandran

DVV Danayya

Story, Screenplay & Direction:
Koratala Siva

Release Date: 20th of April 2018

'Bharat Ane Nenu' is a film in the deadly combination of Mahesh Babu and Koratala Siva. Posters, Songs & Promos have built tremendous buzz around the biggie. The long wait of Movie Buffs has come to an end Today...


Bharat Ram (Mahesh Babu), who is the son of CM Raghava Ram (Sarath Kumar) & completes graduation in UK, returns to India after the sudden demise of his Father. He was forced to become Chief Minister by his Uncle (Prakash Raj). Bharat goes in search of the loopholes in the system and addresses the people's issues. What all the obstacles he faced in the journey & how he overcame them forms rest of the tale!


This is undoubtedly one of Mahesh Babu's career best performances. Particularly, He excelled in the crucial Press Meet sequence. Initially, Mahesh's Performance gives a feeling of monotony. Gradually, He moulded himself to make people believe no other actor would have done so well in such a role.

Kiara Advani is so beautiful but she have limited scope for performance. She, however, leaves a mark of her own.

Prakash Raj has done a meaty role in a star-studded flick after a long gap and he is flawless. Rao Ramesh does a fine job. Ravi Shankar, Posani, Sarath Kumar, Brahmaji and Sitara have done justice to their roles. Devaraj is just okay.  


Mahesh Babu

Concept & Conviction

First Half

Press Meet Sequence

Technical Finesse


Slow Pace/Long Run Time

Not Much Humour



Music composed by Devi Sri Prasad is an asset. 'Vachadayyo Saami' and 'Bharat Ane Nenu' stands out in the album. There is a feeling that good mass number which audience expect from a biggie is missing. Background Score has elevated many sequences. Camera Work by Thiru & Ravi K Chandran is marvelous. Production Values are lavish, every frame looks so rich. Koratala Siva yet again showed his mettle as a Writer & Director. When a filmmaker conveys a message with a conviction, The reach will be huge & 'Bharat Ane Nenu' proves the same. He ensured people will be able to connect with the issues discussed by him. The only drawback could be the slow pace or lengthy run time with which he narrated the subject, particularly in the Second Half. Even the Climax is tad too routine.


Very few Filmmakers believe they have a social responsibility and Cinema is a platform which should be used to communicate good things to the public. Koratala Siva is one such director who blends social message and commercial elements perfectly in his every movie. This approach made him what he is Today & even 'Bharat Ane Nenu' will fall in the same league.

The range of any movie depends on how many people could connect with the characters in it. In that aspect, 'Bharat Ane Nenu' is way ahead of Koratala's previous films. Audience willn't complain much despite lack of hilarious comedy because of the same reason. Koratala Siva has come up with a story based on contemporary politics and social issues. He presented them in a very interesting manner by maintaining the right balance. Though the scenes doesn't appear refreshing at all, Koratala-mark execution, be it sensibilities or his conviction makes a huge difference.

At many times, Audience get reminded of Sekhar Kammula's 'Leader' while watching 'Bharat Ane Nenu'. Pace of the movie picks up only after Mahesh Babu takes charge as Chief Minister. Mahesh's Screen Presence and the Scenes designed based on his position generate curiosity. Everyone could relate to the Traffic issue discussed in the movie. Even Assembly episodes have been executed well. Romantic Track of CM Bharat entertains.

Compared to First Half, Second Half of 'Bharat Ane Nenu' is a slow paced and routine. It's here Koratala focussed more on the commercial aspects. The Mahal Sequence will be a feast for Mahesh Fans and Masses. After this episode, The momentum keeps fluctuating but the Press Meet episode in the pre-climax takes the movie to the next level...Thanks to Mahesh's excellence. Whereas, Climax isn't up to the mark. Overall, 'Bharat Ane Nenu' is a movie you should be watching this Weekend!

Bottom Line:
Don't Miss It