Kalyanram's 118 Breaks A Profit!

Mon Mar 18 2019 22:05:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nandamuri Kalyanram released his 118 during non-season during the start of the Summer season on 1st March.

The movie is also released for low prices like 5 crores NRA in two Telugu States. Movie collected close to 9 crores share and it is a profitable venture for all people involved.

The movie producers can breathe easy as they have satellite rights and other rights that will see that the movie will end up gaining a good profit for them overall.

Even though it is not a roaring success, Kalyaram can feel relaxed and happy after this film's performance at box office. He has been delivering disaster after disaster until before this 118 released.

Area            Share (in Rs.)

Nizam              3.84 Cr

Ceeded             1.20 Cr

Krishna              76 lakhs

West                 45 Lakhs

East                 57 lakhs

Guntur               68 Lakhs

UA                    1.14 Cr

Nellore               24 Lakhs

Total AP/TS         8.88 Crores