A Huge Moment For All ARR And Ilaiyaraja Fans!

Sun Feb 03 2019 19:54:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

The debate about their greatness and who is better than who, keeps happening on Internet discussion boards and between their hardcore fans, but Ilaiyaraja and AR Rahman remain respectful to each other.

Ilaiyaraja is receiving lot of flak and trolls for his statements about royalty but that shouldn't demean his greatness as a composer.

He started out with nothing but reached to the pinnacle with just his talent and for 18 years, he never had to face any opposition for his position as numero-uno or his music never missed the mark.

From 1975 to 1993, every biggie either had him at the helm or had the composers to replicate his style of composition. After 1992, Roja Rahman took over the reigns as numero-uno and innovative composer.

Many are asked to follow his style of composition and rhythm. After 25 years, he is still on the top of his game and Ilaiyaraja is still composing music.

Ilaiyaraja composed for almost 1000 films and that is a record. He still could win a National Award for Thara Tappitai in 2017. He rejected it though.

The special moment for music lovers and fans will be to see them on a stage together. And that moment happened at the event conducted by Tamil Film Producer's Council event to celebrate 75th birthday of Ilaiyaraja.

For his favourite song of Raja, Rahman played the piano and both of them talked about each other on the stage. The event is planned for two days and for the first day, Rahman attended as the special guest and showed his admiration, love and respect towards Ilaiyaraja on the stage! We will get to watch the moment on Internet and on TV, after two to three weeks!