A Superstar Who Can Take A Joke!

Wed Nov 16 2022 14:51:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

At a point in time superstar Krishna made a few films that took digs at NTR as a politician. Padmalaya Studios was behind 'Mandalaadeesudu', 'Saahasame Naa Oopiri' and a few others. It took guts for anyone to make movies that are against a big name like NTR but Krishna did that without any fear.

But what happens if jokes are made on him? Though it was not a full-fledged film, there was a huge talk that MS Narayana's character Solomen Raju was based on superstar Krishna. We all know, how famous that role became. During an interview, MS Narayana himself said that Solomen Raju's character, the dialogue delivery was all inspired from superstar Krishna.

On top of that, superstar Krishna even talked about it to MS Narayanan too. In fact, he took it in a light-hearted manner and even appreciated the late actor for his performance. We all know that Solomen Raju is a fictional hero who does only the steps he knows, romances heroines, does funny hero mannerisms and others. Krishna did not get angry about it and enjoyed it. The film's writer and director did two films with Krishna's son Mahesh Babu later.

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