AP Govt Ups the Ante on Online Movie Tickets!

Thu Jun 16 2022 18:11:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rubbing salt into the wounds caused by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, the Andhra Pradesh government came up with a shocking decision of regulating the prices of movie tickets in the state. Despite the industry people meeting Chief Ministers YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and others, there is no change in the decision of the government in this regard.

Recently, the AFFDC (Andhra Pradesh Film Development Corporation) was made the nodel agency to sell the online movie tickets and the body will take care of the sales. Having said that, the Andhra Pradesh government made it clear that the theatres should work with the body in the online sales row.

As another big development, the state government reportedly directed the exhibitors to sign an MoU with the AFFDC, and the theatres that don't do this will have to lose the licenses reportedly. The government even fixed a deadline for the exhibitors to sign the MoUs.

On the other hand, the exhibitors are reportedly willing to sell the tickets online, but they want some clarity on when the money will be deposited in their accounts. Saying that they cannot move forward in the online sales row, a few exhibitors reportedly told the media that they are ok if the tickets are sold through the film chamber.

Both the parties are strong in their respective opinions. While the government wants to go ahead with the online sales of movie tickets, the exhibitors are awaiting some clarity on the money generated through the online sale of tickets.