Aamir Khan's Early Arrival Surprises Everyone!

Thu Oct 06 2022 18:20:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is very choosy when it comes to selecting scripts. He was last seen in Laal Singh Chadda, the official remake of a classic Hollywood film. The film could not perform at the box office as expected by the makers. Experts say that the film is one of the biggest flops in Aamir Khan's career.

On top of having not-so-good content, Laal Singh Chadda became the target of the Boycott trend. Before its release, a boycott trend was run on social media and the makers requested everyone to watch the film and not boycott the film.

While the film's performance was a big surprise, Laal Singh Chadda's early release on OTT surprised everyone. When the film hit the theatres, Aamir Khan said that Laal Singh Chadda will not come to OTTs upto six months.

But that did not happen and Laal Singh Chadda is now streaming on OTT in less than two months. Four months earlier than what Aamir Khan said the film is streaming.

Laal Singh Chadda brought big losses to the makers as the theatrical run was not that great. From day one of the release, Laal Singh Chadda received negative reviews and the word of mouth added fuel to this.

So OTT rights are the only relief for the makers and this might have made the makers to go for OTT release earlier than the time mentioned by the lead star Aamir Khan.

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