Actor Brahmaji takes a dig at Nara Lokesh in Timmarusu movie

Sat Jul 31 2021 11:45:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor Satyadev starrer Timmarusu has hit the theatres the other day. Despite being the first film to have opted for a theatrical release post-Covid second wave, the courtroom drama had a moderate response.

Satyadev is the show stealer with his stellar performance in the much-awaited film. However, one particular scene in the film has caught everyone's attention and the audiences burst into laughs with the scene.

In a particular scene, Actor Brahmaji can be seen having coconut at a shop. After sipping the water, Brahmaji says Tiyyagundi(it's very sweet in Telugu). This had reminded everyone of Nara Lokesh.

Nara Lokesh's famous dialogue tiyyagundi has a separate fan base. During one of his political tours, Nara Lokesh was offered buttermilk by a woman. After drinking buttermilk, Lokesh asks the woman what she mixed in the buttermilk. To this, she replies I added sugar.

Looks like the scene was filmed to make a dig at Nara Lokesh. The short video of the audience having a laughter riot watching the scene went viral on social media.