Even Audience Banned This Once Respected Actor

Wed Aug 22 2018 17:09:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

When you talk about stars and actors getting into a tangle with law and that too sexual assault charges, we tend to look at Hollywood more.

Even here, Malayalam Star Dileep was accused of sexual assault but the actor's popularity did not diminish and his film became a huge hit, even though he was in jail during release.

In Hollywood, studios are forced to take action on such stars who face serious allegations.

Kevin Spacey, multiple Oscar aka Acamedy Award winner, faced similar accusations from women and men.

Mainly, a man told that he was horrified by the way the actor treated him during his early days.

Spacey admitted that he did it long back when he might have been under alcohol influence. Immediately, studios banned him from casting in the movies.

Now, even audience showed no interest. To be fair, the movie, Billionaire Boys Club did not release in lucrative markets in USA but still just $616 collection over a weekend seems a huge rejection for the actor.

As they no matter what ever you might have earned all that can be lost with one mistake, Kevin Spacey, is showing us, practically.