#MAAelections: Actress Hema Bites Outgoing Panelist Sivabalaji?

Sun Oct 10 2021 12:12:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

In what could be considered a shocking development, Hema, who is currently in Prakash Raj's panel has apparently bitten the outgoing MAA panelist, Sivabalaji.

The outgoing MAA president, Naresh lambasted Hema for biting Sivabalaji. Naresh then bought Sivabalaji out in front of the media and showed the bite mark on his arm.

Naresh alleged that Hema was the one who bit Sivabalaji. But this is just an allegation for now.

"Only voting, no biting" Naresh told the media as he showed the bitemark on Sivabalaji's arm. There is a visible bite mark on his arm though.

Well, indulging in heated verbal exchanges is one thing, but biting your opponent is a completely preposterous thing. The sad state of affairs related to MAA are there to be seen.