Why Actress Hema Met Google CEO?

Sun Sep 23 2018 12:42:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film Celebrities have always been the soft target of Websites and Youtube Channels creating fake news. These days, Even Common Man wasn't spared as morphed pics/fake stories keep doing rounds.

Actress Hema claims to be fighting against Websites and Youtube Channels misleading the people for personal gains. 'Actually, MAA controlled such fake news a lot in the recent past. We had formed a Committee to address such malicious campaigns. What can Common Man do about it if they were the victims? If a website writes something about them, People lack the awareness over where can they go to lodge a complaint. I don't understand why public are encouraging websites which are spreading blatant lies. First of all, Society has to change. If a person tries to stab somebody, 100 People present at the spot remain mere spectators. Are we in the forest?'.

Hema had met Google CEO Sundar Pichai regarding the morphing photos of Celebrities. 'I brought to the notice of Tech Honcho that many people were harassed and several women committed suicide because of it. Surprisingly, They claimed to be not aware of it and even clueless about any solution. Google asked for my email ID to update me. It's been 3 years but I haven't received any communication from Google till now,' she said.