Actress's Hilarious Response On Wedding Rumours!

Sun Oct 02 2022 18:31:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Rumours about actresses and actors pop up regularly and there is not much that the actors can do. More than actors, news about actresses always comes to the news. Now it's the turn of a Young Tollywood actress to face the rumours. For the past few days, the rumours of her marriage are doing rounds.

The actress reacted to the rumours and gave a hilarious response. In her response, the actress thanked people who are spreading the rumours and also asked for details about the date and time so she can attend the wedding. The actress also asked for the details of the groom.

Vakeel Saab beauty Ananya Nagalla reacted to rumours of her wedding. The stunning beauty gave a funny reaction and asked for details of the groom, place, and date of the venue as it will help her in attending the wedding. Her response went viral.

"Guys, thanks for selecting a groom for me. but please naku kuda evaro cheppandi with the date and time as well, so that i can attend my own wedding," Ananya Nagalla said in her Tweet.

Ananya Nagalla is quite active on social media and shares breathtaking pictures. The rumours might have reached the notice of the actress and she responded to the rumours.