Exclusive: I Have No Problem Working On OTT Platform - Surabhi

Sat Jun 06 2020 16:00:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hi Surabhi! How Are You?

Hi! I am good.

How are you doing?
I am fine. Firstly, very happy birthday to you! How did your birthday go this year?
Thank you so much. After starting to work in films, I got to celebrate my birthday with family members for the first time this year. I am both happy and sad because of this. I am happy because of having my family by my side this year but it is sad as there are no shootings. I hope that this crisis comes to an end as soon as possible.
What film are you working on now?

I am acting in a musical love story titled 'Sashi'. I am doing a very challenging role in this film. I have to express more through my face rather than through my dialogues in this film. This is not a silent family girl role that I usually play in most of my movies but it is quite close to my heart. I am eagerly waiting for the audience to see this film.
Have you ever felt that doing classy roles distanced you from the mass audience?

I am ready to do glamor roles and am waiting for such offers. But I feel that glamour is not the only way to reach the masses. I am ready for roles with good acting scope along with glamour. I am waiting for such scripts to come my way. The characters I did in films like 'Beeruva' and 'Gentleman' are such roles. Isn't it?
Do you think that your character in 'Sashi' gets you nearer to the masses?

I can't exactly say whether it is the mass audience or the class audience but I believe that this role will bring a lot of name and appreciation for me. Let us see what happens.
Is it true that you are giving an entry in Kannada film industry?

Yes, I am acting in Kannada for the first time beside Golden star Ganesh. I play the role of an anchor in this film.
OTT platforms are growing bigger with each passing day. Many artists are acting in films and web series produced by these OTT platforms. What is your opinion on it?

People getting used to OTT platforms and encouraging the content is definitely a good thing. But people are forgetting one thing. OTT platforms also need film actors and actresses. They need a lot of artists and technicians from Film Nagar which is a great employment opportunity for many. Also, I don't believe in people claiming that theatres will be at loss due to OTT platforms. People who enjoy watching films on big screen will go to the theatres at all costs. Responding to your question, I am ready to act in OTT platforms if a nice offer with a suitable script comes my way.
We wish you, your film 'Sashi', your Kannada project and other future projects all the success on behalf of everyone from Tupaki.com. All The Best.

Thank you. Tupaki.com is one of the very few websites that I follow. All the readers of Tupaki.com, please be safe. All the best.