Actress responds to fake news of her abortion, calls these reports 'Sad'

Sun May 02 2021 16:07:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gossips involving heroes and heroines appearing in media are not new. Most of the time, celebrities maintain their silence on the gossip and fake news won't respond to the rumors.

A gossip on Goa beauty Ileana D'Cruz surfaced claiming that she got pregnant. Unlike most celebrities, Ileane has spoken about fake news and claimed all these reports as fake news.

Ileana D'Cruz gave an interview to a leading Bollywood website recently. In the interview, she said few fake stories involving her have appeared on media outlets claiming that she got pregnant and went for an abortion.

'There have been a few fake news stories about me. There was one where apparently I was pregnant and had an abortion. It is kind of sad, honestly, that people actually wrote stuff like that. It was bizarre,' Ileana D'Cruz said.

These media reports also claimed that Ileana had committed suicide and the news was announced by her maid. Talking about this, the actress said the news is fake and said she doesn't have any maid.

This is not the first time, Ileane became the target of fake news. Back in 2018, several media reports are abuzz that Ileana got pregnant. As a response to the reports, Ileana posted on Instagram that she was not pregnant.