Adipurush Poster: Prabhas Shows Why He Is Born To Play Lord Ram

Fri Sep 30 2022 17:35:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Hindu mythological epic Ramayan described Lord Rama as a true warrior with a chiseled physique. The same was evident in the newly released poster of Adipurush. The poster pretty much confirms that Prabhas was born to play Lord Ram and here's why.

Tall and broad-shouldered, strong of limb

Prabhas has the right physique and upper body to play a warrior king like Rama. He has built an archer's physique for Adipurush and the same can be seen in the poster

Fortune has set her mark on him

He has the godly aura to play this role which demands so much more from an actor than any other role. Prabhas has the right demeanor for it.

On massive jaw and ample chest, His mighty shafts he truly aims

Prabhas's posture in the poster is just the right one for a true warrior king like Lord Ram. The way he aligns the shoulders is a treat to the eye.

And foemen in the battle tames. Deep in the muscle, scarcely shown

Everything about the poster shouts Lord Ram's masculinity and aura. Prabhas redefines the look with the moustache avatar and the tailor made physical attributes.

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