Aditya Music Team Shocks The Filmmakers!

Fri Dec 02 2022 15:47:12 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Aditya Music is one of the leading music companies in Tollywood. Umesh Gupta is running it for the past few decades. This prestigious company has been launched in the 90s and it has been bringing the music albums of a lot of big hero films and other hit songs into the market ever since. Within a short time, it grew into the biggest audio company in Tollywood and a lot of other companies who tried to give a tough competition for Aditya Music have failed badly.

Even today, Aditya Music is considered as one of the top production companies while 'Leo' and 'Supreme' have faded away. With the introduction of big companies like T-Series, Lahari Music, Zee Company, Saregama and others, Aditya Music is slowly losing its dominance for the past two years. With the increase in the market of Tollywood films, a lot of big Bollywood companies are also coming forward to give fancy amounts to the producers and buy the album.

Due to this, the popularity of Aditya Music is coming down but a lot of producers still sell the audio rights to Aditya Music even today. The company is marketing the lyrical videos, teasers, motion posters, video songs and OSTs as well. As Aditya Music became a household name, it has a huge following among the people and its YouTube channel has millions of followers. Unfortunately, the channel got hacked and the YouTube officials have removed the channel completely. As the channel contains a lot of content from many big movies, it has shocked everyone including the producers.

It is through the Aditya Music YouTube channel that a lot of producers plan to promote their films. With the help of agreements, many filmmakers release their music videos, lyrical videos, trailer and trailers on this popular channel. But removing the channel suddenly has stunned each and everyone. A lot of industry folks are worrying that their songs have gone completely as the YouTube channel got terminated. Removal of Aditya Music by YouTube team has left a lot of producers in a spot of bother as they don't how to promote their projects now. This happened two days back and the lack of proper action till now is surprising everyone.