Evaru Teaser: Is It A Murder Or Rape?

Fri Jul 19 2019 18:43:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Avidi Sesh earned a good reputation and also created a market for him films with 'Kshanam' and 'Goodachari'. This is why a lot of people are keen to watch his upcoming flick 'Evaru'.

First Look Teaser of this thriller is finally out. Promo opens with the sexual assault of Regina Cassandra. This is followed by Naveen Chandra lying in a pool of blood due to a gun shot fired by Regina. While Cops treat it as a murder case, Regina fights to prove she was raped and left with no other choice other than killing him. Adivi Sesh representing Tamil Nadu State Police is the investigation officer assigned the task of unearthing the mystery.

The Captain 'Behind Every Story..Is A Secret' hints what you see & hear mayn't be the truth. What could be the secret of this crime thriller?

Director Venkat Ramji choose an interest plot but success depends on the twists n turns. Background Score by Sricharan Pakala is nice. PVP has come up with yet another interesting project. August 15th, 2019!