After Ali, Balakrishna to interview Brahmi

Sun Nov 28 2021 17:45:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Brahmanandam has become synonym for comedy in Telugu Cinema and due to meme pages even in daily life too. His expressions and dialogues have become so famous that people unknowingly use them in their daily conversations.

The impact of the actor has been so huge that no other comedian is able to take his place in Telugu Cinema. Recently, he shot for Ali tho Saradaga, where his fellow senior comedian interviewed him. The episode will air on ETV this Monday.

Now, the latest news reports suggest that the actor has shot for a fun filled episode for Balakrishna's Unstoppable show on Aha also. The episode will go live online soon.

Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh have great bond with the actor and their on-screen timing created classic comedy scenes. Even the actors publicly acknowledged how Brahmanandam comedy acts as a stress buster in their daily lives.

Balakrishna hasn't been such vocal about Brahmanandam and even though both of them did act in many films, their bond hasn't been such evident as others.

Unstoppable might just give us great moments to talk about Brahmi and Balayya forever.