After Common People, Sonu Sood Now Helps Celebrities In Covid Times!

Sun May 09 2021 18:54:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

India and Indians received much-needed help in the form of Sonu Sood during the first phase of Covid's impact. The real hero made sure that his help reaches as many Indians as possible.

He even airlifted several Indians who were stuck in foreign countries and helped them in reaching India safely. Sonu Sood has helped several Covid-19 patients with their treatment by shifting them to other places.

Recently, Sonu Sood airlifted a young girl who had tested positive for Covid-19 from Nagpur to the Hyderabad facility of Apollo for her treatment. She was shifted in an air-ambulance.

The Arundhati actor is still continuing his work and he is lending his helping hand to the celebrities too. Former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina, Maher Ramesh, and young Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan received help from Sonu Sood.

When Suresh Raina sought leads on Twitter for providing medical oxygen for his aunt, who had tested Covid-19, Sonu Sood came to his rescue and provided medical oxygen.

The other day, Shakti fame Meher Ramesh sought help to get medical supplies. Tagging the star, Meher Ramesh asked Sonu Sood to help him with one injection Tocilizumb 400 mg&1 tab Baricitinib 4mg, 3 remedesivir injections.

"Dear @SonuSood Bhai urgently required Folded hands one injection Tocilizumb 400 mg&1 tab Baricitinib 4mg, 3 remedesivir injections for Patient “podugu Venkata Ramana” in Hyderabad, I tried my level best but didn’t get … you & your @SoodFoundation is the only hope now, " Meher Ramesh's tweet reads.

Recently, Sonu Sood responded to the help asked by young heroine Sara Ali Khan through his foundation. One must appreciate the service of Sonu Sood in the testing times.