After Modi meet, what next for Pawan Kalyan in Andhra Pradesh?

Sun Nov 13 2022 11:55:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is finding himself at political crossroads. He now realizes that he is wanted by Chandrababu only because it adds to the latter's strength. He also knows that the BJP wants him on its side only to strengthen itself. Hence, he feels that he needs some MLAs seats and a significant vote percentage if he wants to stay relevant in the state  politics.

Pawan met Chandrababu some time ago and Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently. Sources close to him say that Pawan has come to the opinion that unless he has some MLA seats, no one would accord him any respect. Hence, he feels winning at least some seats in the state assembly and possibly a couple of MP seats gives him the much-needed respectability.

Highly placed sources feel that Pawan Kalyan might soon cut off his relations with the Modi-led BJP. He feels that his party hasn't gained anything by aligning with the BJP.  He reportedly is upset that the BJP cadre and the Jana Sena cadre have not gelled well at the grassroots level. No joint action has so far been seen.

According to sources close to the Jana Sena, the party chief feels that it would be good for the Jana Sena to align with the Left parties and the BJP. This would make the Jana Sena the major partner and the Left and the BSP would listen to it. This is not possible either in the BJP-led alliance or TDP formulation. Sources say Pawan is actively considering this option. Let's wait and see how Pawan charts the course in the coming days.