After spending Rs 150 crores, Netflix shelves Baahubali

Mon Jan 24 2022 20:58:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Soon after the release of Baahubali 2, OTT giant Netflix announced that they will be bankrolling the Baahubali: Before the Beginning web series which will be the prequel for the first part of Baahubali filmography.

Netflix vowed to produce Baahubali web series on a lavish scale and they even on boarded talented young Telugu filmmakers Praveen Sattaru and Deva Katta for the same. But for some odd reason, they opted out of the project.

Netflix then bought in their expert team to conceive and execute the series. They even roped in Rajamouli as the creative head for the project. But things did not fall into place for the series.

After watching the output that was generated by the team, Netflix was not satisfied with the same, and they have now decided to scrap the project.

The interesting thing is that Netflix spent over Rs 150 crores on the project already. But they are unable to stream the series, given the lackluster output generated by the core team. Now, this project is no longer active and it has been called off for good.