Photostory: Aisha Becomes A Subject Of Trolling After Her Recent Post!

Wed Jan 20 2021 18:56:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is quite common for social media influencers and celebrities to promote certain brands on social media and earn money through it. World's most famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande and others do it and there is nothing wrong with a budding Bollywood heroine like Aisha Sharma doing some brand promotions.

But she is being subjected to a lot of trolling after her recent Instagram post where she promoted the brand new Tata Safari car. She wrote, "Exploring new places sparks joy, and it's something I absolutely love doing, and that's how I explored the new #SafariAnytimeAnywhere through AR! Check it out to experience the all new TATA Safari."

She is looking quite glamorous with a white shirt and skin-tight yellow pants but what people noticed is the car that has been included in the picture through editing. Netizens are trolling Aisha for not having a car by her side and instead of going for an edit which looks quite cheap and artificial.

But what people aren't recognizing is that it is a contest where she urged people to use this filter where people can see themselves standing by the side of 'Tata Safari'. Anyway, Aisha's comments section is getting filled with a lot of sarcastic posts and jokes.