All Set For Jagan's Meeting With Tollywood Delegation

Thu Sep 02 2021 08:28:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Tollywood delegation, led by Chiranjeevi has secured Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan's appointment alas. The meeting is confirmed to take place on the 4th of September which is just a couple of days from now.

The stage is set for the meeting between Jagan's meeting with Tollywood celebrities and the entire Telugu film industry is pinning high hopes on the same.

The delegation will be discussing the ticket pricing issue and request Jagan to permit flexible pricing system. If Jagan takes a favourable decision, we can expect several Telugu biggies to line up for release in the next few weeks.

Only flexible ticket pricing can save the bleeding theatrical industry in the twin Telugu states now and the Tollywood delegation will be hoping that the state government takes a favourable decision in this regard.