All you need to know about Rana and Venkatesh's Rana Naidu

Thu Sep 23 2021 16:21:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

For a while now, we have been hearing that Rana and Venkatesh are working on a web series that will be funded and later be made available for streaming on Netflix. Confirming these speculations, the other day, Rana officially announced the web series. He took it to Twitter to confirm that he and Venkatesh are indeed coming together for a Netflix original series. He even confirmed that the series has been titled Rana Naidu and also dropped a snap of him alongside Venkatesh.

"Always wanted to share the screen with my uncle the VICTORY V @VenkyMama and my dream is finally coming true. As much as I love him off screen, in "Rana Naidu" we are going to be at each other's throats. #RanaNaidu, coming soon on Netflix," Rana tweeted as he opened up about the series. Adding further, Venkatesh tweeted "I've seen @RanaDaggubati grow up right in front of me from a young boy to a fine actor. But in Rana Naidu, he better watch out. #RanaNaidu, coming soon on Netflix."

Speaking about the web series, Rana was quoted speaking to The Hindu "It is completely different from what both of us have done in our careers so far. I am extremely happy to work with a crew and a platform that knows this format the best. It will be new, challenging and fun. We are looking forward to filming soon." Venkatesh said "I cannot wait to work with Rana. I am sure we will have a blast on sets. I am a huge fan of Ray Donovan and the team is pulling out all the stops to ensure we do justice to it."

As mentioned above, Rana Naidu is an adaption of widely popular English web series titled Ray Donovan. Venkatesh absolutely loves the theme and concept of the web series and he played an instrumental role in the materialization of this project. As said by our sources, Suresh Babu will be providing all the necessary technical support for this project. Netflix will be funding the project right from the start till the very end. Suresh Babu will then charge a standard fee for his technical support.