Rana called Allari Naresh and asked...

Fri Sep 08 2017 11:09:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

The most important movie in Allari Naresh's career got released today. It is Meda Mida Abbai. Consecutive flops badly impacted Naresh's career and the actor has pinned all his hopes on his latest release. Allari Naresh is expecting a much-needed break with this film. On this note, Naresh is actively participating in promoting his movie from the past few days.

As a part of the promotion, he went on Rana's talk show "No.1 Yaari" with Avarasala Srinivas. In the show, both Rana and Naresh had an interesting conversation. In the trailer of Meda Mida Abbai, there is a dialogue "Matter lenodiki matter ledani cheppali kani nuvvu Daggubati Rana ani nettakudadu" which means "You should tell the person who doesn't have content that he doesn't have it. You should not push him saying that he is Daggubati Rana."

After seeing the trailer, so many fans messaged Rana by hashtagging him on social media stating that Naresh commented on him. Rana called Naresh and asked "Do I have matter or not? You scolded me or complimented me?" Responding on this Naresh stated that Rana is his good friend and with the same bond he used that dialogue in the movie. He also said that the dialogue only gives a positive feeling about Rana. However, the episode was full of fun and will get aired on this Sunday.