Alleged Conman Sukesh Makes Counter Allegations On Nora Fatehi!

Sun Jan 22 2023 12:43:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The investigating agencies dug out new things in the alleged money laundering case involving Sukesh Chandrashekhar and found that a few actresses are in touch with him. It is said that Bollywood actresses Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez are among them and received costly gifts from him.

The investigation is going on at a rapid pace and the statements of the accused are being recorded. Earlier it was reported that Nora Fatehi made stunning allegations about Sukesh Chandrashekhar. The actress alleged that he made an offer to be his girlfriend and he will take care of the finances of her family.

Nora Fatehi is believed to have said that her family was scared hearing Sukesh Chandrashekhar offering to take care of the finances. This made her cut contact with the conman and stay out of him. The same was said in her statement in connection with the row.

Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar released a letter in the case and blamed Nora Fatehi for changing her statement. The letters that were accessed by a few national media channels said that Nora Fatehi was jealous of his relationship with Jacqueline Fernandez and wanted him to stay out of Jacqueline.

In the letter, Sukesh alleged that it was not her who stayed out of him and he avoided her. However, she did not understand this and kept on irritating her. "Nora changed her statement last minute. She was jealous of Jacqueline & wanted me to leave her. Kept on irritating me despite me avoiding her," Sukesh reportedly said in his letter.

Nora Fatehi and Sukesh Chandrashekhar gave contrasting views and versions of the story. While Nora Fatehi said that she stayed out of Sukesh and did not accept the luxury gifts like cars from him, Sukesh is alleging that he gave a few gifts to Nora Fatehi and she irritated him.

After Sukesh's press release, no one knows whom to believe between Nora Fatehi and Sukesh. Both are saying that they are right and the other one is wrong. Once the investigation goes deeper we might get further details and required clarity. Let us wait and see what happens next.