Allu Arjun Follows Jr NTR

Sat Oct 09 2021 16:10:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

In an interesting development of sorts, Allu Arjun is following Jr NTR in taking up organic farming. Apparently, Allu Arjun is venturing into organic farming and he has recently acquired around 2 acres of land at Shankarpally area in the outskirts of Hyderabad and wishes to take up organic farming as one of his pastimes  Allu Arjun is serious about the prospect and he has been doing some research on the same for the past few months. He finally took the big stride and acquired a piece of land to carry out the farming activities.

Not so long ago, Jr NTR did something very similar as he acquired around 6 acres of land at Shankarpally area, Hyderabad. He is the first Telugu hero to take up organic farming proposition and he has been working on the same for a while now. Jr NTR developed a liking towards organic farming while shooting for one of his recent films, Janatha Garage. He has also been researching about organic farming for many years now. He has set a new precedent by becoming the first mainstream Tollywood star to kickstart organic farming.

Now that Jr NTR and Allu Arjun have ventured into organic farming, it remains to be seen if more Telugu mainstream stars tread a similar path in the days to come. Well, Pawan Kalyan is already into farming and he is frequently spotte at his farmhouse where he carries out various agriculture-related activities. Prabhas too owns a lavish farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad. But he hasn't taken up farming as a serious pastime. He is preoccupied with his acting assignments now and understandably so, given his sensational line up of films.

At a time when organic food items and healthy living is becoming more and more prevalent in the modern day lifestyle, organic farming can also be regarded as a lucrative business model that has a whole lot of potential. Well, our Telugu heroes might not be taking up organic farming as an income source, given that they earn several crores for their projects. But instead, they might be planning to cultivate fruits and vegetables in an organic manner for their personal use.