Movie Review : Alluri

Fri Sep 23 2022 20:49:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Movie Review : 'Alluri'

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Kayadu Lohar, Suman, Tanikella Bharani, Madhusudhan Rao, Pramodini, Prithviraj, Ravi Varma, Vasu Inturi and others

Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Cinematography: Raj Thota

Producer: Bekkem Venugopal

Writer-Director: Pradeep Varma

Talentedrn hero Sree Vishnu is known for his content driven films. Irrespective ofrn the results, he tries to give the audience something new and rninteresting every time. He has arrived this Friday with an intense cop rnthriller titled 'Alluri'. The posters and trailer created a good rnimpression on the film and with good promotions, the film has finally rnhit the screens. Let us see how the movie turned out.


Arn Ramaraju (Sree Vishnu) is a strict and honest police officer. He gets arn lot of transfers due to his sincerity. His biggest challenge arrives inrn the form of a politician and it leads to a lot of crucial circumstancesrn in Ramaraju's life. What will Ramaraju do? How did he bring the rnpolitician to justice? Will the police officer get the better of rnpolitician? These questions will be answered on the big screens.


Therern was a time when cop action thrillers would guarantee success. Many starrn heroes played the role of police officers and scored memorable hits. rnBut the routine police entering a ruthless villain's kingdom and rnchallenging him, type of stories have started to bore the audience. rnBarring a film like 'Krack', not many police stories have managed to rnsucceed in recent times. When the news came out that Sree Vishnu will bern seen as a strict and powerful police officer in 'Alluri', many wonderedrn if he could pull off the role convincingly or not.

But the actorrn did a fine job and makes you believe in his character from the get-go. rnAlso, the film starts on a good note as the director decides to go aheadrn with the story right away rather than beating around the bush. The rnhero's character has been presented quite well and he is given a lot of rnelevations. While some may find it a bit odd to have such huge rnelevations for a normal hero like Sree Vishnu, they do not bother the rnaudience much. Despite not showcasing anything different, the film's rnunit succeeded in engaging through the first half with hard-hitting rndialogues, good action sequences and hero's characterization.

Therern were a few places where the makers went over the board but the mass rnelements are mixed in the right proportions in order to please the rnaction lovers. The interval bang arrives at the right time and rnpre-interval scenes gives you a high thereby setting the stage perfectlyrn for a smashing second half. Barring the love scenes which were out of rnthe place, the first half goes at a decent pace with strong scenes at rnregular intervals.

The main problem arrives in the second half. rnIt is when things start to slow down a lot and the director starts to rnlose grip on the screenplay. It feels too long and starts to test the rnpatience of the audience. There is a lot happening on the screen but thern connection is lost somehow which makes the film dull and even a bit rnboring at times. The action sequences which impress you in the first rnhalf gives you a repetitive feeling in the latter part and the routine rnscenes like Muslim and terrorism bring the graph down. The climax is rnhandled decently but the damage is already done by then. The filmmaker rnwho did a good job of engaging the audience in the first half failed to rnrepeat the same in the second half. The lengthy runtime can be felt all rnthrough the second half which works against the film. Overall, 'Alluri' rnis a cop drama that starts off well, sets the stage perfectly but rnfalters in the second half.


Norn matter what film it is, Sree Vishnu gives his hundred percent every rntime. He excelled in the police officer's role and his makeover should rnbe appreciated. His subtle yet powerful way of expressing intensity in rnmany scenes is just amazing to watch. It is safe to say that he carried rnthe entire film on his shoulders. The actor in him truly excels in the rnemotional hard-hitting scenes.

Kayadu Lohar is decent as the rnfemale lead. She did not have a lot to perform but she did justice to rnher role within the given limits. Tanikella Bharani showcased his rnmaturity and added a lot of weight. Suman is fine as Sree Vishnu's rnsuperior. Raja Ravindra did a good job while the rest of the actors rnincluding Pridhvir Raj, Ravi Varma and others did well


Harshavardhanrn Rameshwar's music fails to register. There is not much scope for songs rnbut the inclusion of songs made the film lengthier. The songs were badlyrn placed too. However, his background score is quite good and he tried torn elevate some key action sequences with his music. Visuals by Raj Thota rnare decent. He captured the action sequences wonderfully and provided rnwhat was required for the story. Proper care should have been taken rnduring the editing as the second half feels a bit too long. Also, there rnare a few scenes that can easily be chopped off. Production values are rnadequate and director Pradeep Varma did an okay job with 'Alluri'. He rnwas successful in extracting good performances from his actors but his rnscreenplay lacked pace. The film fails to engage after a certain point rnand the gripping narration required for a cop thriller went missing in rnthis film.

Verdict: A Decent First Half, A Disappointing Second Half

Rating: 2.5/5