Amrutha Pranay Sends Notices To 'Murder' Film Makers

Tue Aug 04 2020 17:20:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has churned controversy with his upcoming film, 'Murder', which is based on a caste killing that took place in Telangana's Miryalguda town in the year 2018.

Now, Amrutha Pranay has filed a petition in the Nalgonda District Court alleging that the film was being made on her story without any permission.

To this end, she sent notices to the Murder filmmakers Natti Kranti and Natti Karuna through the court. However, along with Kranti and Karunala, Ram Gopal Varma is also acting as a production partner for Murder. But, she hasn't sent notices to RGV.

Amrutha has asked the court to suspend the release of the film and to stop the publicity immediately. On this extent, the court issued notices to the producers and asked them to appear in court on the 6th of this month.